Elk Creek Partners, LLC is an independent Registered Investment Advisor formed by five founding partners, composing the firm's investment team, to provide long-only institutional asset management in Small, SMID and Mid Cap Growth disciplines. Each founding member has significant industry experience individually and the investment team has a long, successful history of working together. Four of the founding partners worked together for nearly a decade at Wells Capital Management, where they managed the Montgomery Growth Equity products. The entire investment team at Elk Creek Partners has worked together continuously for the past eight years.

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that above average investment returns in our asset classes can be achieved by identifying a company's potential for growth before it is widely recognized by the market. We seek to invest in companies that can sustain growth for two to three years, we think about stock prices over a 12-month time horizon and we use a valuation overlay on entry and exit of portfolio positions.

Our Investment Process

Elk Creek Partners employs a bottom-up stock selection process based on fundamental research. We buy stocks that we believe are trading at a discount to their inherent growth rates. Our analysts have long-standing experience covering their respective industries and have established relationships with industry practitioners, which they use to uncover potential portfolio candidates. Other members of the team often contribute their expertise to further validate the investment thesis. Our collective goal is to understand whether or not a company has a superior, sustainable growth rate and we use a valuation overlay to determine if the company's stock price is attractively valued. Ultimately, the portfolio managers determine which stocks are purchased and we establish price targets at the time of purchase. Stocks are sold when they achieve our price target, there is a fundamental change to the investment thesis, we observe a different or altered behavior in a company's management team or we find better investment opportunities in the same industry, sector or end market.

Why Invest with Elk Creek Partners, LLC?

  • Time-tested investment approach
  • Continuity of investment team
  • Substantial investment experience, collectively and individually
  • Highly collaborative, non-traditional process
  • Firm and client goals are tightly aligned
  • Asset class constraints lead to a relatively short list of important client relationships